Great Oakley Village Institute is the charity (registered no. 1109690) which manages Great Oakley Village Hall. The charity is controlled by 9 trustees but we welcome the involvement of other volunteers to help manage the facility.

The present trustees:

  • Trevor Haynes, Chairman
  • Vivien Watson, Secretary
  • Chris Godbold, Treasurer
  • Gordon Steed
  • John Pearson
  • Rob Morrison
  • Roger Skoyles

The village hall was opened by the Mayor of Corby, Councillor Gail McDade, on 19 August 2011 following a nine-month construction period. We are most grateful to Alexander de Capell Brooke of Great Oakley Estates and his family on whose land the building stands. Mr de Capell Brooke has provided much to ensure the success of the village hall. 

We are also grateful to the following organizations who provided funding for construction of the building:

... and to the following organizations who completed the building work: